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Looking for the Best Birthday Party Ideas? Fun NYC Birthday Party Magician Will Have Your Child and Friends Laughing So Hard Their Faces Turn Red!

Are you looking for birthday party ideas for your child’s special day? Imagine this: Your child and the other party guests gather in a room, wondering what is happening. Let’s face it, NYC kids expect stuff to happen fast!

First music plays. Then in walks a birthday party magician and within seconds, everyone is laughing, pointing, and having a great time.

But the kids don’t just watch the magician. This goofy party magician gets your birthday child and guests involved, too. The other kids clap in amazement as your child makes the magic happen. They’re the star of the show! The other kids are just as excited to help, too.

The adults watching are amazed. They’ve never seen a group of kids sit and watch something for so long without getting bored and wandering off. They begin whispering to each other, “This guy’s really good!” To their amazement, they find themselves laughing and clapping, too. This magic show may be for a kids’ birthday party, but he knows how to entertain adults, too.

After the show is over, everyone turns to look at you. They’re all thinking the same thing: Where did you find this guy?
Congratulations! You’ve just hosted the perfect birthday party entertainment.

You’ve Found the Perfect Magician for Your Child’s Birthday Party

I’m the Great Lerdini. I’m a NYC-based birthday party magician dedicated to making your birthday planning easy and fun. With just one phone call, we can set up the best birthday party ever for your child.

I have performed my birthday party magic shows for over 15 years in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx and surrounding areas. After thousands of performances, I know how to guarantee your child and their guests will have the time of their lives.

But I know what you’re thinking. Practically every other birthday party entertainer in NYC says the same thing. Why are you so special? I’m glad you asked

Simply fill out this quick Contact Form. You’ll receive detailed information about my different birthday magic show choices, optional magic goodies for your guests, fees, and more.

Just for responding, you’ll ALSO receive a copy of my Special Report: “The Most Important Question to Ask Your Birthday Party Entertainer! (HINT: IT’s NOT What You Think!)”

How My NYC In-Person Birthday Shows are Different from Everyone Else

Your child gets a lot of STUFF! In my shows, the birthday child receives:

    • A Magically Restored Necklace
    • A “Great Lerdini T-shirt”
    • Your child also receives the most amazing, stupendous, incredible, awesome, and really cool NYC birthday party giveaway ever. (Have I built this up enough?)

Picture this:

Your child gets to assist me with the finale of the show. With your child’s help, a goldfish bowl with a LIVE goldfish magically appears. And your child gets to keep it!* And the fish has been completely vaxxed and boosted for your protection!

This creates such an incredible, one-of-a-kind memory for your child’s special day. Other magicians may give away candy or special treats. Some magicians cause live animals to appear. But what other magician gets your child involved, makes a live animal appear, and presents it to your child as a gift?

Just one. Me!

(*Don’t worry, this amazing giveaway is completely optional. If you don’t want the fish, I’ll take him back home with me after the show.)

Hear what other happy parents have to say about the Great Lerdini!

Here’s How My Hilarious Birthday Party Entertainment Will Make Your Child’s Special Day Amazing and Fun…

Every show I perform is different. Based on the ages of the kids present, I change the show to best match their expectations. When I say your child makes the magic happen, I meant it. And it’s silly, funny magic, too. Every show is different because I change the show to fit the ages of the kids attending. But here are some examples of what your guests will see and experience:

    • Watch a magic wand levitate and misbehave, peanut butter and jelly switch places when I’m not looking, and more, causing chaos!

(Kids LOVE seeing the magic go haywire in my show!)

    • Everyone helps me with the forgotten words to a fairy tale as they help me magically restore a broken necklace…which your child gets to keep!

(Did I mention how much I love giving the birthday child loads of fun STUFF?)

    • Watch your child help me cause a 50-FOOT-LONG colorful paper streamer to appear in the most magical way possible! 

(This is a really weird trick that your child will love! It’s unique, colorful, and surprising!)

    • And a LOT more, including my one-of-a-kind Live Goldfish Magic Show Gift Finale

There’s a LOT more that happens, but that gives you an idea of what to expect. Kids want to laugh and have fun, not watch somebody show off with sleight of hand magic that won them some award from a group of magicians no one has ever heard of.

Finally, You Can Make a Stress-Free Super Easy Birthday Party You Can Actually Enjoy With Your Child!

The Easiest Birthday Planning Ever…

All it takes to set up this fun experience for your child’s birthday is my easy-peasy booking form. Just fill it out, and Presto! I’ll ‘magically’ show up to give your child the best birthday ever. Using my handy-dandy booking form, you’ll be able to reserve your date, no phone call needed. I’ll send you an agreement via email to confirm the details, the deposit, and how to book the show.

On the day of the show, I arrive about 30-40 minutes before showtime. I understand how special events in NYC work, so my magic show sets up in just 10-20 minutes! Simple, stress-free entertainment guaranteed to make your child’s special day the best birthday party ever!

“This Sounds Great, Eric! What Happens Next?”

Now, it’s up to you. Simply fill out the quick Contact Form on this page. You’ll receive detailed information about my different birthday magic show choices, optional magic goodies for your guests, fees, and more.

Just for responding, you’ll ALSO receive a copy of my Special Report: “The Most Important Question to Ask Your Birthday Party Entertainer! (HINT: IT’s NOT What You Think!)”

This eye-opening 3-minute report will guarantee you make the RIGHT choice for your party, even if you choose not to hire me. It’s yours FREE!

But you’ll need to respond soon. With more people booking special events in and around New York City, I’m reaching pre-COVID levels of busyness! And because I’m fully vaccinated and boosted, I’m more in demand than ever.

Don’t risk being disappointed! Fill out the Contact Form below or call me today at (718) 713-7751. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Who is “The Great Lerdini?”

I am The Great Lerdini!…Thank You!

I am New York City’s Greatest, Most Entertaining, Jaw Droppingingest, Easiest to Work With, Guaranteed Best Chance for the Greatest Party your kid will ever have magician!

But I might be slightly biased. I am a kid magic specialist and after years of experience, have created a show that with little to no effort on your part will guarantee amazing memories for you and your family. I perform all over my hometown, New York City and not to worry, I also entertain all over the Tri-State Area!

But you may ask yourself, “Who is the man behind The Great Lerdini? What is he REALLY like? What is his ‘superhero origin story?’”

Like many magicians, I caught the magic ‘bug’ at a young age. I have my neighbor to thank for starting me on this wild, wacky lifelong journey.

When I was in 5th grade, I had to write a report and give a presentation on any topic at all. My neighbor was a magician and said, "that's easy, write about Houdini and I'll show you 3 tricks for your presentation."

I performed my 3 tricks for my report and after I finished, I received my first standing ovation! (To be honest the kids were just standing up to be dismissed for lunch, but I’m still counting it.)

From there, I was hooked! I didn’t want to stop performing.

I did some neighborhood kids' birthday parties that summer. Then in the summer before my sophomore year of high school, I honed my skills busking on the street at the South Street Seaport. Trust me when I say that if you’re not good as a street magician, you won’t build a crowd!

When it was time for college, I went to NYU and studied Music Business. But I kept performing magic the entire time. On the weekends I did magic at the famed (but no longer existing) America Restaurant.

When I’m not performing, I enjoy playing the piano and spending time with my wonderful wife (who is an accomplished photographer), our 8-year old daughter, our 6-year-old son and our 12-year-old dog. We currently live in a “cozy” two-bedroom apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Now that you know I’m a real person, contact me today to get started booking the perfect program for your kiddos!

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